Los Angeles based Sleeptalk strive to ingress listeners with their sonically light-yet lyrically meaningful pop. Formed by vocalist Anthony Fitzpatrick and bassist Paul McGill, later joined by guitarists Justin Melchor, Jason Fitzpatrick and drummer Tyler Kusnier, the band makes use of strong haunting hooks that weave into atmospheric melodies.

Throughout 2016, Sleeptalk opened for artists such as Twenty One Pilots and played sold out shows throughout the Los Angeles area, including their first sold out Troubadour headliner. The band toured the US in March 2017 and again in July 2017 spanning across the east and west coasts after their debut full-length “Sleeptalk”, gaining new fans while making a name for themselves.

The year 2018 started off with the release of “I Hope You’re Doing Well’ followed later by their most recent single “Apart From You”. However, their biggest highlight that year was debuting #1 on the KROQ Locals Only playlist for their song “Indio, California”. “Indio, California” brought the band immediate success that carried throughout the year earning them a spot on KROQs first ever Locals Only vinyl presented by both KROQ and We Are Hear Music. This was later followed by a sold out show at the Teragram Ballroom on March 8th 2019. Sleeptalk has been a part of KROQs “Locals Only” rotation since January 2018.

Sleeptalk just got out of the studio, finishing their most polished work to date. Their next EP titled “Desert Daze” is set for release on July 31st, 2019 with their first single “Dontbesoblue” slated to hit on June 28th, 2019.